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Wounded Warrior
Arthur relaxed on this warm, summer night and appreciated life, it treated him nicely. It gave him a beautiful wife, a little boy and an amazing honor, being a knight. Protecting the weak, and serving the brave and strong.
Arthur was going to go check on the royal family, since it was his turn anyway. As he walked up the castle walls, he heard... A mixture of brutish yelling and screaming with the snarling of wild animals. As he looked out the castle opening through the winding staircase, there was death itself. The Matriarch, leading it's horde of Orc Warriors, Ogres, Kobolds, Gnolls and much more... He tensed up and his senses prepared him for quick thinking and brute strength.
He ran as fast as could, and his slightly heavy iron armor didn't help at all. As he made it to the top, as he looked around, the scout was nowhere to be found. His bow and arrows were gone, the orcs must have gotten him... As he looked downwards, about one hundred feet below, there were several knights and wa
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Welcome To Freddy's - Prologue
"I'm telling you, Freddy's is haunted by those kids that got killed about a decade ago, why else would the animatronics walk around at night!" Brock spoke up. The young men were in a heated conversation of a pizza place that is slowly but noticeably losing customers. The frigid November wind of Toronto, Canada made all five of the boy's ears and noses red.
"No you idiot, they're in wandering mode, and they think the security guards are exoskeletons without suits! Then they stuff you in one..." Ryan said mumbled through his jet black scarf.
"Speaking of which, what happened to the other guard, wasn't his name Mike Schmidt?" Scott spoke up.
"They fired him for tampering with the robots. And it takes a few weeks for anyone with the balls to take that 'job'..." CJ said
"They're not robots, they're animatronics..." Zachery said. But as he heard CJ, he had an amazing idea. "Guys, I have an idea! Meet at my house in a few hours!" Zachery said with excitement as he ran home t
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The Mercenary
Name: Matthew Booker
Origin: ???
Age: 33
Birthday: ???, 1301
Race: Human
Height: '5,11'
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eye Color: Deep Blue, Leafy Green (Complete Heterochromia)
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Appearance: A rugged-looking man with a slight beard and a piercing glare. His slightly rusty swords have stained blood on them (much to the disliking of Archer). He has several cuts, bruises and scratches all over his body from fights with anything and anyone. Aside from that, he looks like an average man.
Likes: Fighting, Money, Women, Alcohol
Dislikes: Mage, Orcs, Knight, Rogue
Personality: Mean, Rude, Angry, Brutish
Weapons: Dual Swords
Background: Originally living far from England, when he was a little boy, his mother died giving birth to him. Having going to school and dealing with his abusive father and bullies. One day, something snapped, his bullies called him... 'Motherless'. He wouldn't let the name of his mother go in vain. He beat the ring leader to the ground, but he wouldn't st
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The Pirate
Name: Captain Vince Digg
Origin: ???
Age: 38
Birthday: ???, 1296
Race: Human
Height: '6,01'
Weight:  237 lbs.
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Light Red
Appearance: A large man with a big, light red beard, but no hair on his head. He wears a large blue hat with a feather in it to cover that up. He wears a coat and rags underneath. He also has black boots and grey, tattered pants. His beard is very well kept and smooth.
Likes: Fighting, Money, Exploring, Oceans
Dislikes: Orcs, Knight, Mercenary, Rogue
Personality: Loud, Boisterous, Adventurous, Daring
Weapons: Hand Cannon, Sword
Background: Being on the high seas for as long as he can remember, the Pirate was plundering over the high seas, fighting orcs and knights, taking money. He was on top of the world, until his crew landed on England and came face to face with The Matriarch. Young and dumb, the Pirate took off to his ship with the remainder of his crew. He barely made out with his skin, and his crew managed to land in a safer
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The Rogue
Name: Thomas Forde
Origin: England
Age: 26
Birthday: December 7th, 1308
Race: Human
Height: '6,01'
Weight: 182 lbs.
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Light Brown
Appearance: The Rogue is a lanky man with cuts and bruises all over his face from several times fighting knights and rotting in prison, wasting away from refusing to eat for days. He has a scar in the form of an 'X' on his left shoulder, that his slave owner gave him when he was just a boy. His dark brown eyes and light brown eyes help him to hide in the forest, seeking his next rich victim.
Likes: Money, Freedom, Rebels, Fighting
Dislikes: Knights, Kings, Slave Owners, Orcs
Personality: Rude, Rebellious, Headstrong, Rash
Weapons: Dual Sickles
Background: When he was born, his parents were slaves, and he was forced to work out in the blazing sun or freezing cold as soon as he was able to work. He grew up a slave, and never learned much school-wise, but he picked up a few tricks. And on one night, all the other slaves were insi
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The Cleric
Name: ???
Origin: England (Maybe)
Age: 17
Birthday: ???, 1317
Race: Human
Height: '5,08'
Weight: 108 lbs.
Eye Color: Hazelnut
Hair Color: Deep Red
Appearance: The Cleric is only a boy, with freckles and big, bright eyes. His skin is soft and smooth. He has ruffled red hair, and he carries a leather sac of healing items in it. He also carries a small dagger that the Mage gave him in case of rough times. He wears a leather cap similar to Archer's, but it is larger and saggier.
Likes: Helping, Healing, Friends, Mage
Dislikes: Orcs, Knight, Mercenary, Rogue
Personality: Helpful, Curious, Caring, Optimistic
Weapons: Dagger, Healing Sac
Background: Knowing that the Mage took him under his wing, Cleric's past is a mystery to everyone. Everyone thinks he was originally living on a small island, but got kidnapped by raiders and bandits. He's very interested in the world around him and Mage said that's what he was like as a baby. But, when he dreams, he hears a woman screaming and then... nothin
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The Mage
Name: ???
Origin: ???
Age: ???
Birthday: ???
Race: Human (Maybe)
Height: '5,09'
Weight: 126 lbs.
Eye Color: Grey (Originally: ???)
Hair Color: White (Originally: ???)
Appearance: The Mage is an elderly, withered man with white hair and several other spots that show he's aged. He wear a large blue hat showing his ranking as a Mage and has a dark brown cane and a bright blue book of spells.
Likes: Studying, Reading, Writing, Spells
Dislikes: Interruption, Knight, Orcs, Rogue
Personality: Air-Headed, Wise, Reclusive, Strange
Weapons: Staff And Book
Background: No one knows where he came from, but as soon as he set up his workshop/tavern, the two kingdoms that he was in between liked him quite a bit. But on one night, someone left a baby boy at his doorstep, no note and no one to take the boy. So the Mage took the lad under his old wing and trained him to be a Cleric, a very high position in England. And on a hot summer night, several orcs laid waste to the two kingdoms to his let and righ
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The Archer
Name: Edward Churchill
Origin: England
Age: 20
Birthday: June 29th, 1318
Race: Human
Height: '5,11'
Weight: 139 lbs.
Eye Color: Faded Green (Originally: Leafy Green)
Hair Color: Light Brown
Appearance: Edward has faded green eyes that were originally leafy green. The reason is because of restless nights of insomnia. The Archer has several bags under his eyes, his hair is (moderately) neat and he wears a leather cap. He carries a large bow made from the strongest trees and he has several arrows with iron tips, and each is very special. He has a leather cap that has an arrow running through it.
Likes: Slacking, Sleeping, Space, Food
Dislikes: Insomnia, Working, Knight, Mercenary
Personality: Paranoid, Weird, Cowardly, Worried
Weapons: Bow N' Arrow
Background: Before the Mob hit his kingdom, he was a charming slacker, and the only reason he ever became an archer was because he never did anything, had good eyes and was skilled with the bow. But on one hot summer night, when it was just him
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The Knight
Name: Arthur Tealeaf II
Origin: England
Age: 34
Birthday: August 12th, 1300
Race: Human
Height: '6,00'
Weight: 178 lbs.
Eye Color: Oceanic Blue
Hair Color: Light Blonde
Appearance: The Knight is a rather weary looking man with light blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. He's almost always wearing his iron armor. He caries a large shield and a powerful sword on his back. His iron helmet has a red tuft of hair that goes down in a straight line. He has a scar running down his back from a fight with a horde of orcs.
Likes: Nothing
Dislikes: Orcs, Losing, Company, Rogue
Personality: Cantankerous, Mean, Secretive, Rage-Blinded
Weapons: Sword And Shield
Background: Living in a small but powerful kingdom, all Arthur ever wanted to be was a knight, it was one of the biggest honors in England. He trained until his bones cracked, demolishing the dummies his father made in the backyard, rain or shine. And when the time finally came, he was dubbed an honorary knight be the king himself. He patrolled the
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The Boy
-Contains Strong Language-
A tall, thin boy sat on his black swivel chair. His hair was matted, black, curly and just-out-of-bed. His weary, eyes that had several bags under them, he was shrouded in paranoia and anxiety. Just a lonesome shell of himself, no one to love him or care at his deathbed...
The boy wiped away those numerous and non-stop thoughts of... Friends. Something he wish he had... He turned on his laptop, which responded with a click, and it's light poorly illuminated the room. Then the young man turned to look at the clock; 1:00 AM, oh yah, he almost forgot he was an insomniac.
As the laptop got itself together, he went to the bathroom and got a good look at himself in the mirror. Wow, those kids at school were right, he was ugly... hideous even, eh. Whatever, it doesn't matter. Uh, school, just the thought of it on a Saturday morning disgusted him. Straight F report cards, insane teachers, bullies left and right, d-disappointed parents that think you're a mistake...
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1) So yeah, I begin the whole Orcs Must Die story soon enough. But before I do, does anybody have any questions about my characters and/or their backgrounds? Because I will write short stories featuring each of them before I begin the pain that is this super long story, I'm also working out how it's going to go and other stuff like that.
2) Five Nights At Freddy's holds a special place in my heart. I plan to write it as a side-story as I begin the whole OMD thing... I won't do original characters, it'll just be five punks that get justice in a 9 or so-chapter story... Hope you guys enjoy it... I will do one for the second one, too!
3) Any questions about anything?...
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